Don’t Just Verbalize, Visualize!

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a article on Mindjet’blog

The Power of Visualizing Information

The Wharton School of Business completed a study that proved the benefits of increasing visual elements in presentations and tightly integrating them with words. By comparing visual presentations with verbal presentations, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of visualizations. Take a LOOK and SEE for yourself.

  • 64% in the group with the visual presentation made a decision immediately after the presentation. The control group tool longer to decide.


  • The meeting time for the visual presentation was 24% less than the verbal presentation.


  • When a visual presentation was delivered, 79% of the participants reached consensus compared to 58% in the group that had no visual language.


  • The presenter convinced 67% of the people when using both verbal and visual language. Purely verbal presentations only convinced 50% of the participants.


Presenters who used visual language were perceived as more effective than those no using visuals. The audience responded that the visual presenters were:

  • Clearer,
  • More concise,
  • More interesting,
  • More professional,
  • More credible, and
  • Better prepared


So, the next time you have something important to say, try showing it instead!



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